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Any official document that supports your contention is great support evidence.

Evidence can take the form of a fix taken with a GPS set using WAAS, depths corrected to the charted vertical datum, physical measurements, photographs, drawings, marked up chartlets, and printouts from the Internet.

The Internet can also supply great supporting data.

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This guide is full of illustrations and photos of the various items that are commonly found on a Nautical Chart that have the potential for correction and update.Each listing has a short explanation about the type of problem that can occur and the specific things to look for that commonly go wrong.For newer members, there are tutorials on Nautical Charts and the use of a GPS Set.Also, there are guidelines for pre-underway checks, taking depths, fixes, photos, planning a patrol, and much more.In addition, an explanation of each field This is an unique computer tool for making special calculations that help support your recommendations and improve NOAAs confidence level in your reports.

The following calculations can be performed with this unique tool.

Enter the assigned position and the observed fix for an object and you will get the distance in feet or nautical miles between the LAT/LONs plus the direction in True from the assigned position to the fix.

whose goal is to identify Chart Updating opportunities throughout their AOR and to establish a plan to perform the necessary observations and prepare the appropriate reports for submission to NOAA in order to correct the local charts.

Chart Updating is a year-round Auxiliary activity and you dont need a boat to participate. All we want is your skill, knowledge, and your desire to make a contribution. There are multiple chart updating opportunities on this picture.

However, you wont be able to notice them without proper CU training.

Plan to attend a CU Workshop and open the door to a new navigation experience and education.