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I didn’t know it was going to be as a health/fitness/wellness guy. “When [people] see me on their TV, positive changes are happening to them.I thought I was going to be an actor or a comedian or something in that realm. They’re changing physically, mentally and emotionally. Their relationships are better, their energy is better, their flexibility, cognition, memory, sleep and sex drive is better.

He has polished and wrapped them up nicely in shiny paper and a pretty bow, and has laid them out for all to see in his latest book, The Big Picture: 11 Law That Will Change Your Life. All diet programs work too, but they have to resonate with people and be doable in the long run. But The Big Picture is this holy grail, this fountain of youth that you know is there based on the information you’re applying to your life. “The contents of the book very clearly explain how anybody can go to the next level.

The Big Picture may be Tony’s third book, preceded by an e-book called Crush It and another book called Bring It, but this is his first “non-fitness,” or rather, self-help book. You can’t feel deprived, neglected, overwhelmed or underwhelmed for that matter, or it’s going to fade fast. What is that thing where you want to keep coming back? And not only to go there but to be able to stay there with relative ease.

Create better normals.” Among the 11 laws in The Big Picture are things like: Doing your best and Forgetting the rest; Finding your purpose; Having a plan; and Staying flexible.

At 20 years old, Tony Horton was just another face in the crowd.

A pantomime at the Santa Monica Pier by day, a part-time Chippendales go-go dancer by night, an aspiring actor and comedian wannabe in between.

When his agent told him he needed to get fit to get work, Tony journeyed to the only option he could think of: the gym.35 years, a lot of muscles and strength of character later, Tony is no longer just another face in the crowd.In fact, at some point, he’s probably been a familiar face in your living room, 90 days in a row, coaching you to a better body, and arguably, a better life.Though he didn’t become the successful actor/comedian he had once hoped he would, Tony’s life changed for the better as a result of a strong dedication to fitness and health.When he haphazardly became a trainer in his early twenties, one client led to another, which led to celebrity clients like Tom Petty and Annie Lennox, which led to a workout program called Power 90, which led to P90X, which led to, well, you probably know the rest: Millions of toned, fit, healthier people around the world.“I always felt there would be something I could do that would help people.