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Based on one of the most popular novels of all time.

How about A Mind Forever Voyaging, the serious-minded political thriller in which a sentient artificial intelligence runs government-sponsored computer simulations that determine the best domestic policy for the United States of North America (which now includes Canada)? Just wait until you meet your new simulated wife, Jill! Not all text adventures were so highbrow and conservative, we assure you.Many ‘80s game designers were just as obsessed with skin and sex as their ‘90s and ‘00s counterparts, if not more so.But without the benefit of graphics, how well do you think their erotic efforts turned out? You’ve never had to switch floppy disks to continue a 200 kilobyte adventure. You’ve never had to play on a machine with less technology than a fast food drive-thru.

You’ve never had to navigate an entire world using only a keyboard – no mouse!– or type out “look” and “examine” just to get a vague idea of what the hell is happening around you.And you’ve never had to accept THIS as a sex symbol: We’re not joking.That thing – from 1980’s Mystery House – is supposed to be a woman. Two to three decades ago, such advancements were considered a high-tech luxury, and more often, gamers were forced to create characters – including female love interests – within the dark and desperate recesses of their imaginations. Would you have been “geek” enough to make do with nouns and adjectives instead of skin textures and boob physics?Read on as we dust off seven supposedly sexy examples.One of the most famous text adventure games of all time.