Text chat operator jobs uk

BOX-69 *NO SET SCHEDULE* *10 Hours per Week MIN* Pay:ranges from 7p to 20p depending on retention rates are reviewed Quarterly PAID WEEKLY* VIA PAYPAL (US OPS) and VIA UK BANK ACCOUNTS (UK OPS) *when you have reached the min amount required per week* To apply Chat (scheduled) 10 to 16 hours per week 10p to 14p per message, depending on grade PAYS MONTHLY VIA PAYPAL around the 10th of the Month all the info you need is on Text [email protected] think they pay about 6p per msg but my experience wasnt very good with them MYTXT *This company is REFERRAL ONLY*I dont have any contact info for them anyone who works for them is very cagey as they get loads of people emailing them asking for a recommendation NOGoats(Scheduled via Rota) [email protected] Weekdays/7p weekends Pays via NETELLERdont really know much abouth them oh there is also VIP I dont think they have a website but the email is [email protected] not sure what the pay either I think its 6p to about 14p not sure though I think they may be hiring, a friend of mine works for them and she says the system they have is fabulous.

Working from home with Rogue SMS allows you to choose the hours you want to and allows you to work around other commitments.There are few and far between work from home jobs that are as reliable and pay you to work from home.You can login to Rogue SMS when the children have gone to bed or are at school and you do as many hours as you want too!Rogue SMS has been in operation for a few years now and provides various services to many different industries.We are always looking for Happy Friendly people with big personalities.

If you want to try a new opportunity today or are looking for a way to earn extra income then please feel free to complete our online Application Form that we offer for a smooth and fast sign up service.If you are interested in working from home with a dedicated company that wants to help you make additional income then please take time to read through our website today.Here at Rogue SMS we are so enthusiastic about our wonderful operators and we hope you will take this chance to become your own boss and start work from home.Working here at Rogue SMS you can take calls via VOIP no home phone is required, just a computer and headset with a mic.Our Customer Service takes thousands of calls daily from throughout the UK, USA and Australia who have issues with their mobile phone accounts.If you have experience thats fantastic, if not dont worry we will train you, still interested?