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My name is Raj and I am from Manglore a town in Karnataka Coastal region. She is married to a software engineer in Banglore and she has a Son who is 8 years old. My wife Sneha, who is 26 years old, is also a software engineer. Whole day I was thinking about Sneha’s Physic and how to enjoy her body whole night as Saturday was holiday. Upon reaching home I was surprised to see Sanmith, Rekha’s son.

My father Sundar was a High School Head master, who is retired now. My mother Jayamma is a primary school head teacher she is 50 years old and is still working. I went straight behind her and put my hands on her boobs above the towel and started squeezing it hard. She was enjoying my act but at the same she was aware of the time.

Even though I had several girlfriends in college I was virgin till my marriage. My Cock is about 6.2 inches when it is erect and I have a very thick libido. I logged off at 5 and went to pick up Sneha from her office.

Me and my wife both are very likeminded and we wanted to try new positions every day.

I have been making love to my wife at least twice in a day.

May be because of 5 days of hunger my cock was already hard. When I came out my wife came in and told me that my BIL is having an affair with his colleague in his office and he is not giving importance to my sister.

My wife Sneha just had completed her 5th day of Monthly Period. She stood in front of dressing mirror and started to comb her hair. She noticed my looking at her ass and winked at me from mirror.

I just finished my ironing when Sneha came out of bathroom after her bath just wearing towel.

And it was decided that my sister will sleep with my wife. So I came out of the kitchen and sat on sofa so that no one will notice my hard on.

Sanmith wanted to sleep his grandparents so he slept with them. That night I masturbated myself thinking about my wife. Evening when my Mom and Sister went to Temple nearby and my dad was playing with Sanmith, I went to kitchen where my wife was cooking. At the same time I heard my dad asking my wife why so late to come to home.

We all had dinner at 9 PM and made arrangements for sleeping. One is used by my parent and one for me and my wife. That whole day I was playing with Sanmith and whenever I got chance I squeezed my wife’s breasts and her ass. So it is very hungry” My wife said “it looks like Akka wil be here till her hubby comes her and takes her back.” That was really a worry for me. My sis and wife were sleeping on the double bed in our room. My plan was to make my wife sleep this side of the bed and I’ll go to their room at midnight and have a session with my wife. But I assured her that nothing will happen like that and I know my sister well. I put my hands inside the nighty and started squeezing my wife’s boobs.

She turned her head and told “Looks like the cock is so hungry.” I replied saying “it’s been six days that it met the pussy. She was afraid what if Akka gets up and catches us in that position.