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The IAFPI is the association of schools accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA) to teach basic and advanced courses in Forensic Psychophysiology (polygraph). IAFPI schools are monitored ands inspected by the APA to ensure the training being offered in the art of truth verification meets the high standards of professionalism required by the APA.

Our schools are also recognized by the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP).

The APA is the largest professional association of law enforcement, private and government examiners in the world.

Studies of theory, history and psychophysiology are pursued through lecture and assigned reading.

Theory is quickly put into practice as students receive hands on instruction with a variety of polygraph instrumentation, from the older mechanical instruments, to the most modern electronic and computerized instrumentation available.

Students become thoroughly versed in validated techniques, and validated methods of data analysis in modern classroom facilities.

Experience in a variety of testing situations is provided, including evidentiary, investigative and screening examinations.

The IAFPI is an independent, autonomous association of polygraph schools and programs accredited by the APA.

Although the IAFPI strives to keep the information on this website accurate, it is neither an APA sponsored organization, nor is it an affiliate of the APA.

Therefore, the IAFPI cannot guarantee any information regarding the APA, its accreditation standards, currently accredited schools, etc. Consumers needing authoritative information should contact the APA directly.

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