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It sounds like one very lucky lady might be getting herself into the fittest, most dribble-worthy love triangle we’ve ever heard of, as Zac Efron’s ex-girlfriend has gone from his Greek god-like arms, into the loving embrace of the dark and dreamy Taylor Lautner. She and Zac met on the set of thriller movie, At Any Price, and were seen together looking very lovey dovey just last month at the Tribeca Film Festival. Taylor Lautner’s rumoured new leading lady is 19 year old, Maika Monroe, who recently split from the Zefron.However it looks like Troy Bolton just wasn’t cutting the mustard, and that Jacob Black’s slightly more hairy, growly offerings were the more appealing option.

Taylor and the beautiful Maika were spotted snuggling up together this week at an LA Dodgers baseball game, spending the whole match leaning into one another, holding hands, casually chatting and doing other sickeningly cute couple stuff.Meanwhile we spent the weekend forcing our cat to spend time with us and eating a family size bag of Doritos.Whilst Monsieur Lautner has had a couple of high profile relationships in the past, including supposedly dating a certain red lipped Ms Swift, it seems he might be keeping this one on the down-low, as neither he nor Maika have confirmed they’re together. Uh-ohhhh, does this mean Jacob Black and Troy Bolton will be locked in a testosterone fuelled battle over their lady?We imagine there’d be a lot of basketballs chucked at each other, some manly growling and hopefully a lot of shirtless-ness. Do you think Taylor and Maika make a cute couple, or should he not be going for Zefron’s sloppy seconds? Scream Queens Taylor Lautner June 23rd, 2016 Taylor Lautner has joined the second season of Fox’s “Scream Queens” in the role of doctor suffering from a strange medical condition. The actor told Jesse Palmer, former star of “The Bachelor,” that he’s actually a fan of the show. Basically, the two attempted to shoot a number of odd things, including a ukulele filled with Fruity Pebbles, a Lincoln Log house, and a boombox into a basket.

Taylor Lautner made an unexpected confession on Friday’s “GMA,” and made it to an even more surprising person. Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Lautner competed in a “Random Object Shootout” on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” in honor of March Madness.

Taylor Daniel Lautner is best known for his role as Jacob Black in the vampire thriller Twilight.

Taylor Daniel Lautner costarred alongside Kristen Stewart in Twilight, and Taylor is looking forward to working on the sequel Blood Moon.

Pictures of Lautner He’s been laying low as of late, but Taylor Lautner is about to bust out on the small screen with an exciting new gig.

The “Twilight Saga: New Moon” stud has been cast as a series regular on the second season of “Scream Queens,” Ryan Murphy’s horror satire.

Taylor Lautner jokingly offered to give his "Ridiculous 6" co-star David Spade ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's cellphone number in return for an appearance in his first Instagram video.