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~~~Digidestined Realm, Northern Quadrant, Digital World~~~ Takuya groaned and shifted slightly. The last time they had come to the Digital World, they had just had a slight bump and they were fine. "Dunno" A strange digimon said (It's from Koji's POV right now you'll see why..) "The others! " Ghoulmon shouted above the screams of the children.

"Ugh, note to self, get even with Trailmon..." Takuya mumbled as he went and checked each of his friends, making sure they were okay. " Koji said worriedly and rushed to their sides to see if they were all right. " Koji asked skeptically, he didn't really think he was going to fool Koji did he? " The digimon that claimed to be Takuya said giving Koji another strange look. " Tommy asked, carefully studying his friends face. Tommy held his D-Tector out in front of him and waited for it to scan Takuya and give him the information he wanted. While Ghoulmon, Daemon, and Malo Myotismon attacked Sakuyamon, Mega Gargomon and Marine Angemon Takato was trying desperately to wake Impmon up. " Takato said, looking at his D-Ark and then back to Impmon's still form. "Well in that case, why don't we add one more Demon Lord? "Impmon......." Takato murmured, glad that his friend was all right.

"Koji, it's me Takuya, honestly, I just...don't look like me anymore.." Takuya said slowly, and it was true for now Takuya's skin was rust coloured, his eyes green, his hair a flaming orange red, just like his tail. "I have no clue" Takuya said pulling Tommy up onto his feet. "JP shut up, your making my head ache worse...." Zoe groaned as she stood up and pulled the whining JP with her. "Takuya turned into a digimon, and this is him" Tommy said explaining everything to Zoe and JP. The group of Digidestined walked for 3 hours and finally stopped when they reached the edge of a forest. Sakuyamon managed to leap out of the way in time but Mega Gargomon wasn't so lucky. He had small flat horns on his head and pointed ears that had a gold hoop earring in each. "Kouchi still hasn't woken up yet..." Koji mumbled worriedly as he knelt beside his twin. "Okay, break time, Zoe's legs are gonna fall off if we don't stop" Zoe panted as she flopped down onto the ground. White J like markings were under each eye, while a larger mark covered the left half of his bare chest. "We have to get moving, I can carry him on my back all right? "I'm with you Zoe, I can't walk any further, AND I'm starving" JP moaned as he sat down carefully next to Zoe. "Am I the only one who is scared by the way she is acting? Short pants were held up with a belt that crossed over in front to form an X that held the symbol of fire in the middle. Hm, I wonder if I can still Spirit Evolve.." Takuya wondered as he looked at his D-Tector. " Takuya told everyone hefting Kouchi's unconscious form onto his back. "Alright we'll take a break, but I want to get to Cherubiemon's old fortress as soon as possible, I think that Oraphanimon and Seraphimon will be there waiting for us. Wake me up when it's my turn to watch" JP mumbled as he curled up near the fire, already asleep. Zoe and JP are already sawing logs" Koji told his friend turned digimon. "Sure...right, if your Takuya tell me something only Takuya would know" Koji asked, his attention all on Takuya. When he first came back from the Digital World we came back up the elevator and like only 10 minutes had gone by, and Kouchi wasn't with us so we raced down the stairs to find that he had been taken to the hospital" Takuya said, paw on his chin. " Koji asked, knowing now that he had to be Takuya. We need to find out why Oraphanimon called us here again" Takuya told everyone as he laid the still unconscious form of Kouchi onto the ground where Koji had placed his coat. An hour later the 5 Digidestined were eating meat apples and some wild mushrooms that Koji and Takuya had found. "Me to..." Zoe said, yawning a couple times as she lay down on the other side of the fire as JP. "K" Takuya and Tommy mumbled at the same time, Tommy practically tripping over his feet he was so tired.

"I'm not sure, it happened once before..." Takuya said, thinking back to when he had taken the Trailmon of Darkness back to the Real World where he had changed into the digimon he was now. "Takuya it's getting late, I think we should set up camp here and start again in the morning, we're all tired and hungry, if we rest we can make better ground tomorrow" Koji said rationally. Zoe, you stay here with Kouchi, JP and Tommy will look for some firewood, bring it back and Zoe can get a fire started while you guys look for enough to last the night. ~~Later that Night, just before Takuya's watch~~ Koji tried to keep his eyes open, he really did, but something was making him so tired... The voice came from a cloaked being who made its way to the heart of the Northern Quadrant's Digidestined camp.

Soon Koji was sleeping as soundly as the rest of his friends. The cloaked being moved to Kouchi's still form and pressed a thin willowy hand onto his forehead. But something told him to reach out and touch this sleeping rookie's forehead as he had done with the children earlier. Did anyone notice that they're all Demon Lord type digimon?

The figure moved his hand away inspecting the sleeping child's forehead. The cloaked figure hesitantly reached a hand over and gently pressed it against the sleeping digimon's forehead. " Megadramon whispered hoarsely as he slowly deleted. Sakuyamon floated to the ground, and readied herself for a tough fight.

"Hm..he's not one of the ones that I am looking for..." The voice muttered as it wrote something on a clip board that it had pulled from a pack hanging at it's side. Light erupted from beneath the cloaked figures hand and the sleeping digimon's body. " Davis asked from beneath Tai, Matt and Ken who had given up on pinning him and just dog piled him. " Mega Gargomon shouted maniacally as he let loose a volley of small missiles, bullets and lasers. Piedmon jumped back from Sakuyamon and quickly loaded his dead comrades data.

The cloaked figure moved to each of the children, muttering the same thing as it gently touched Koji's, Zoe's, JP's and Tommy's forehead. It was walking away when it tripped over Takuya's sleeping form. The light grew so bright that the figure had to shut their eyes quickly and turn away. "Well now that you mention it................" Tai began, but was cut off by Matt. " Henry and Rika said, and activated the biomerge sequence. While Sakuyamon dealt with Piedmon, Mega Gargomon was totally destroying Megadramon. "You may have been able to defeat Megadramon, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve! "It's Malo Myotismon..." Robert said disbelievingly.(Really who could blame the guy though? Her attacks are Pandemonium Flare and Melting Blood so watch out!

"Perhaps none of the children here are one of the chosen that I seek..." The voice whispered. The figure stopped, holding his breath praying the digimon that he had tripped over would not awaken. When the figure looked back a child lay in the digimon's place. "You mean that weird's like a foreboding sense of darkness......." Matt said quietly. Terriermon snickered, and leapt from his partner's shoulders. The kids from Kazu's class watched in awe as Rika and Henry biomerged to become....... " Sakuyamon announced as she swung her staff around in artistic circles. " Mega Gargomon announced, landing gently beside Sakuyamon.(Not an easy thing to do when your his size) "So the rats think they can beat us? Piedmon didn't bother with childish banter, instead he went in for an early attack. " Piedmon yelled as he slashed his swords at Sakuyamon. He was only a Ultimate while Mega Gargomon was a Mega. " Piedmon said gleefully to the other two Mega digimon. Malo Myotismon just showed up and has a strange accent, not mention she's a girl!