Survivor host dating contestant

, the decorated Olympian describes the past year as “really great” though he admits it was not exactly what he expected: “Throughout all of it, I’ve been really happy living my life with authenticity and honesty.

I probably would have come out earlier if I realised.

I didn’t think it was relevant, I didn’t think it mattered.

But it does.” Thorpe also described coming out as a “second puberty”: “I’m not talking about who I’m seeing; I’m talking about how I feel about life.

It’s discovering things for the first time, or rediscovering them and being shocked at how it’s different.

As for the response he’s received in Australia since coming out, Thorpe says, “They [the public] wish me well, but it’s not important to them.

I think it’s a very mature response and it’s the response I appreciate the most.

Check out photos of Thorpe’s shoot for Fellas, listen up.

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Some were temped to step down when host Jeff Probst brought out food for them eat. The Brains were definitely in trouble, but who went home?

For the immunity challenge, the contestants had to stand on a perch with their hands above their heads for as long as possible.

Tim Tebow is making the rounds this week, appearing on Ellen to discuss a possible return to football.