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Whether you've lost your significant other through a death or divorce, it is emotionally traumatic.

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Each person will mourn the loss differently and for varying amounts of time. It is normal and healthy for you to have these feelings. You and your partner may have planned well for your future but becoming suddenly single is emotionally challenging as well as financially challenging.Remember as you go through these stages while the pain felt is real and strong, in time, this shall pass and you will smile and enjoy life again! Women have a greater likelihood of being divorced or widowed at some point in their lives then men.For women following divorce, the standard of living drops 45%, while for the senior citizen the effects are more devastating - 75%!For this reason, be proactive now in the financial arena if you still have your partner. If you haven't established a financial plan and are faced with being suddenly single, I would recommend a financial advisor.Develop a plan that incorporates your short-term and long-term dreams and goals. The advisor can tell you where you are financially and what strategies would help to improve your position - now and into retirement.

Hopefully, you have made non-financial retirement plans - plans for yourself and plans involving your partner.

If you have, then, at least, you will still have something in place that may only need to be modified. It may actually be therapeutic in the healing process by establishing a retirement plan.

Is all lost if you don't have a plan now that I'm suddenly single? It will give you hope and help you see a brighter future does await you!

Those of you who still have a partner should ask this question - If my partner were to pass away or seek a divorce would I be prepared?

If your answer is no, then you have some homework you need to get busy with!

This is something you shouldn't put off - be prepared!