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To have him revel in whatever lush and sensual play that pleases him, would set my pulse and sexuality racing...

I am a Submissive woman and yet I find myself alone, raising a boy and in order to maintain a life for my son, I am forced in a dominate role. =O Anyway, yes - I am submissive - and I'm a female!


I think women should be humble and submissive because that is how nature wanted us. Its something that is like set in stone deep down in my bones.

All I want in the future is to be a good obedient wife to a strong dominant husband. I want to have him see that I am always wet and ready to be used. I am happy when I am making others happy, and when I make others feel good.

I think we should provide our men with all they need to be happy and i think that it is our duty to give them... i want you to determine what i need to do to serve you best... But lately she only seems to want to hang out if she has something to gain by it. Nothing makes me happier, than knowing i'm the reason behind someone's happiness...

The only way I improve is to be torn down and built back up so I need a woman who is tough on me and not afraid to shame me for what I look like now and when I mess up and motivate me with what I can be.

It's ok to hurt my feelings because I need the truth. I was sitting at the bar, in white strapless dress, my hair blonde caressing my upper thighs and ***.

I was drinking a glass of wine, thinking about going back to the room.

I was paying my tab, when you walked up to me, you gently brushed your fingers through my hair as you walked...

Four days in shame and He has now taken mercy on me.

i lay here spent after His firm punishment followed by His firm generosity ;). I've always been in a relationship where the man is in full control.

i have never felt better, nor more sure of who i am or where i want to be. But now I'm with my soon to be husband and he is completely different from the guys I've been with before!

I love him and love how sweet he is but I can't help but miss being completely submissive like I use to... At times, I long to be directed, controlled, objectified and taken by a strong, handsome gentleman, of my choice.