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UPDATED 2016-07-07: A minor patch was released to fix a crash in some Virtual Reality applications General There is no limit to the number of activators on an input, so a single button can have a normal press, a double press, multiple long presses of different durations, etc.

each of which execute independently and fire off their own bindings with their own settings.

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The latent heat released when steam condenses on the items to be sterilized makes this process very efficient.Sterilization temperatures range from 115 to 134°C.Common sterilized products and containers are: An autoclave is a vessel that uses pressurized steam to heat the product to achieve sterilization.(Updated August 23: The client has been re-released with additional fixes for minor issues caused by the previous update.)A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.Changes since the last major release include the following: Mac OS X / mac OSAdded "Set Cursor Position" binding controller action.

This allows an arbitrary X/Y position to be moved to on a button press and optionally warp back to the original position on release.When combined with a click via either multi-binding or an additional activator, allows for on-screen UI to be bound to buttons even if they have no hotkey.Multiple Set Cursor Position inputs can be multi-bound to a single button allowing cursor position binding cycling.Scroll wheel Mode on Joystick now ignores the joystick returning to the center position when doing horizontal/vertical scrolling.This allows for bindings to be cycled through scroll wheel on left/right or up/down taps.UPDATED 2016-08-02: This update was re-released for Windows users with a change to improve compatibility with Windows 10.