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"I Met My Boyfriend Through the Ouija Board" is for all Halloween and just occult fans.Maybe you're just really into the Ouija Board, this this would make an awesome addition to your closet!

I am so tired, I am so stressed, my boss is giving me a hard time, and the list goes on and on. Most of us women who are still single have some idea of our dream guy.Are our expectations based on some fairytale prince charming?I guess ultimately, we should never settle, but at the same time it is important to make sure that the qualities we are looking for are realistic …Mondays do not tend to be our happiest day of the week.We go back to work, school and various other responsibilities that can leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Just coming off a weekend where don’t necessarily have a schedule makes it even more difficult to bounce back into one. With another week ahead of us, we should take advantage of our Sunday and find some great things to do alone in Montreal. We all know that dating can be a very exciting time when we meet someone new!

While last week I suggested the Museum of Fine Arts and a stroll along St. You look forward to spending time with that person, and it never disappoints.

But, what if you’re not dating someone at the moment. It’s date six, you really like the person you’re going out with, and they think it’s time to step it up a notch.

Instead of feeling badly, why not go on a date with yourself? The invitation is exciting and welcomed, yet another costly restaurant is not giving you the opportunity to interact and have the conversation …

Chanukah begins this Sunday night and is also known as the festival of lights.

I wondered what it might be like for couples who are of different faiths,when holidays come around.