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Or change the edit mode to "Display" to show the users read only content.Final thoughts - If the content in the Guideline field doesn't change for every item, just make it Guideline a static text within the workflow task notification. That way users will see a Guideline text as part of the approval notification.The bottom line is that there is no such thing as a "read-only column" in Share Point.

Customizing the forms is the best approach for reliability over script. ) If you protect the column using script and the script doesn't run for any reason, then the column won't be protected.(This might just be due to your own bug in the script.) You can customize forms in Share Point Designer or in managed code. I'v been searching for how to make field Read Only for users in WSS3 but still allow updating field value programmatically in code. And the Data Sheet view says the field is read only - you cannot edit it as expected.Note that Share Point Foundation has Field Ref attribute Read Only Client.To achieve true column level security in Share Point, I work with two lists and create the column as a lookup. Error Message = "Guideline is a read-only field"; } } } Its a good idea to use this technique in combination with the UI based approaches as this event receiver will cancel the edit after the user has pressed save and may cause other important edits to be lost.This way, I can set specific permissions on the lookup source (e.g. It requires more effort than a single list, but as far as I know this is the only way without server-side code. This is then used as a failsafe to prevent any edits that come via direct object model calls or web service calls.

But in case of only a single list,means if we require only one list and can't add any other list then we face a problem. I completely agree with @Marc D Anderson and @Matt Weimer.public class Event Receiver1 : SPItem Event Receiver { public override void Item Updating(SPItem Event Properties properties) { if (properties. You can use Java Script to help with the UI presentation and an event receiver to enforce the values server-side.As for the Java Script portion, I suggest taking a look at (full disclosure, I maintain this open source library).It allows you to do the following: You can customize the using Share Point Designer.Take a look at the article below to see how to do this. Once you create this form go through the source code and locate the HTML snippet that displays "Guideline" field.You can comment this section to prevent users from editing.