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I found myself fading fast, with untimed conversations going on for longer than 5 minutes and other conversations not even going before the men were shooed away to stand somewhere else.

One man commented it was hard to stay "fresh" with this kind of disorganization.

At the end there is a mixer, so presumably you can connect with your person/people that way; I wasn't confident that my matches would get effectively communicated after all the incompetence.My feedback to this effect to Speedladating received a prompt reply that they received raves for the event, and I was responsible for having a good or a bad experience, and that I was probably not their customer.Yes, having been an event production manager, I assume my time and money will be rewarded with organization and care of customer's concerns. The private, upstairs Red Lounge at Glendale's MGN Five Star Cinema provides the perfect setting for this relaxed get-together for single men and women ages 25 to 39.Several friendly hosts will be on hand to facilitate conversation or simply point you in the direction of the bar.

When things get started the ladies are seated at secluded tables while the gentlemen make their way around the room.Everyone keeps track of their "date mates," and you're emailed any matches after the event. The event started late, ended late and there was total chaos in between.Once the structured part of the evening is over (typically about two hours) you're free to mingle and catch up with anyone who struck your fancy over a drink or even a spot of tea. Tables were not numbered, the card numbering system was off, and this disorganization played out to every aspect of the event.I like speed dating; I've participated in about four events prior to this and I find it a fun and productive way of meeting people. A gentleman sat at my table prior to the "start" of the event (which was never officially announced) and talked to me for 15 minutes, then he was shooed away by the host Jessica, and I sat out what appeared to be two or three rounds (the 5-minute rounds were not timed) with no men to interact with, while guys were standing around waiting to be directed by our host, who was experiencing deer-in-the-headlights the entire time.Another host, who never announced herself, appeared in the middle of the event and would come up to the table to "remove" the man I was talking to, apologizing profusely for the chaos that never got in hand.It takes a lot of energy to meet new people, especially for the purposes of dating.