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My Dad is helping with the relief effort further inland.

There are still some aftershocks, but they are diminishing gradually.

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“I was back in Australia not so long ago, so even though I miss my partner in Melbourne, I’m staying in Eindhoven.

I have quite a big apartment here so I’ll probably have people from home to stay at some point.” Olha Bondarenko, a Ukrainian Ph D student at Human-Technology Interaction (Dept.

of Technology Management), is heading for the Greek islands for a few weeks in August. Eindhoven: 8-10 August Folkwoods Festival in Philips De Jong park. The 35 acts programmed include Leine, JW Roy, Faun, Drea Nasager and International Folk Complot. Annual ten-day summer extravaganza of theater, music, dance, film and visual art.

This is the last edition of Cursor for this academic year, a clear sign that it’s time to slow down and relax.

Some of us are travelling to sunnier places, some foreign staff are taking the opportunity to go home, some are even getting married, some are working hard and some are just taking some time off to regroup.

We talked to a few people who were interviewed for the English page this year about their plans.Nicolas Gevaert, a French Master intern at CEC, is looking forward to some downtime: “I’m working till the end of July.After that I plan to spend a month in Lisbon enjoying some freedom, peace and love….,” he says dreamily.“I try to go to Portugal twice a year, I have family there I like to stay with. And things are cheaper in Portugal than in the Netherlands. I can understand the language and try to speak it, but the pronunciation is hard.” Jing Li, a Chinese Ph D student of Mathematics and Computer Science, has quite a few deadlines this summer, so she’s staying put in Eindhoven.Basically, I just do nothing besides swim in the ocean, lie around and eat some good food. “I’ve still got work to do here but I might take a week off to have a rest,” she says. I’m not going back this year, even though tickets to Chengdu are almost half the price they were last year.People at home are still recovering from the earthquake, but everything is getting better.