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He said the former Premier League star might have been sitting on a staircase with a loop of cable around his neck, intending it as a ‘dramatic gesture’ for when his wife came in, but had inadvertently ‘nodded off’.

Tory MP Philip Davies, who sits on the Commons culture, media and sport committee, said: ‘The problem is that we are seeing a chilling effect on the Press and the rest of the respectable media, leaving a large field clear to the unregulated internet and social media so people can peddle lots of things that are not true.’The newspaper described phone-hacking as a ‘disgrace’ that demanded an inquiry but it warned: ‘It is critical, too, that we do not live in a society in which rumour takes the place of reporting, and misinformation triumphs over truth.’They took a taxi back to their £1.5million home, Huntington Hall, near Chester.

Arriving at about 1am, she said, they had an ‘exchange of words about something or nothing – I can’t even remember what it was.‘Like all couples we would be going through ups and downs in our marriage and we were working through it.’ The inquest heard there was no evidence of depression or previous threats of self-harm, but Mrs Speed admitted that her husband had always been ‘a somewhat closed character’.

She added: ‘He liked to take on board everyone else’s problems and try to help but was not one to open up himself.’She said she could not imagine him harming himself, saying he adored his family.

However she described seeing him on television with a slight stubble ‘which was not like Gary’, while in another appearance shown posthumously ‘his smile did not appear genuine’ as ‘it did not reach his eyes’.

Post-mortem tests showed Speed had been slightly above the drink-drive limit.