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At times, they also offer student discounts, but only for those who can present a valid Japanese school ID.If you intend to make the most of your visit, you might want to get a free ride pass, which costs 2,300 yen.Note, though, that you’ll still have to pay for admission.

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Hanayashiki is one amusement park that knows how to maximize its minimal space, with some attractions weaving around one another.

They’ve got your standard amusement park fare: a merry-go-round, panda cars that go around the park, a ferris wheel (which is quite small, so don’t expect it to be scenic), a dark ride called Thriller Car, a not-so-scary haunted house, a 3D theater, some kiddie rides, a drop ride called the Space Shot, a spinning ride called Disk ‘O’, and a roller coaster.

Built in 1953, its roller coaster is the oldest steel-track type in Japan, and it operates at a maximum speed of 42 km per hour.

But what about we focus on a homegrown Japanese theme park for a change?

Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) will probably come to mind.

It’s time to get acquainted with Hanayashiki, Japan’s first and oldest amusement park.

A mere 5-minute walk from Asakusa Station, also where you can find the famous temple Senso-ji, Hanayashiki has been around since 1853, when it originally began as a flower park.

Its management gradually added more attractions, including a mini-zoo (which no longer exists today), until it became an amusement park.

Nowadays, being a tiny, densely packed amusement park surrounded by tall buildings that are extremely close to the rides, and with rides that have seen better days, its age is evident, but it’s worth a visit for a glimpse of an old-school Japanese amusement park.

Admission is 1,000 yen for visitors aged 13-64 years old, 500 yen for elementary students and senior citizens, and free for the handicapped and children below 6 years old.

In addition to admission, you have to pay per ride, with a ticket costing 100 yen (although most rides require at least 2 tickets).