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And theres none better to provide it than Erich Mc Elroy, an immensely likeable US stand-up whos lived in the UK for 16 years.

Because he gets what we dont understand about America, explains it simply and humorously, and importantly, given the range of ages in the crowd puts it in historical context.

Looking like a cross between Jason Bateman and The Big Bang Theorys Johnny Galecki, Mc Elroy gives a guided tour of US politics since 1990, yearning for more innocent times when you formed your own views. He took this decision by himself when Dan Quail (Bush Snrs V-P) failed to spell potato in a school spelling bee.

Punctuated by plenty of laughs, Mc Elroy rails against the media for polarising news to such a degree so that peoples views are effectively formed by looking in a mirror and asking if the reflection agrees.

As he moves his narrative towards the present, Donald Trump gets both barrels.

Mc Elroy admits a grudging respect for the demagogues resistance to shame and childish way of casting aspersions (Some people are saying ), balanced with cheaper gags about Trumps tiny hands and unnatural affection for his daughter.Then, knowing his audience, he drops one excellent observation: Hes like a drunk heckler, but The Donald doesnt drink. But this isnt an attack on the US right, nor does Mc Elroy simply tell liberal Fringe crowds what they want to hear evidenced by his 2015 anti-Scottish independence show which, by his own admission, bombed. Lloyd Henning and Peter Sutton, Uncle and Nephew, create a new world and invite, even order, the audience to explore it.Mc Elroy is pragmatic and has previously voted Republican, so he also picks apart the faults of Bernie Saunders and Hilary Clinton the latter for her uninspiring campaign and slogan. In this case, this is not just metaphorically or a world present only in the minds of performers and viewers.The duo has actually programmed an interactive world to which the audience actively contributes.The show includes understated acting, original live music and video gaming with adventure appeal.The humour is dry and witty and at times quite surreal.