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In a new episode of SPEED DATING PRANK episode, Miranda Sings is sent out to a speed dating event where she searches for her Bae!After many awkward encounters with unsuspecting guys who are just looking for love, Miranda decides that she has found "the one!

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But what happens when participants wear blindfolds?I know what I'm attracted to visually, yet the science of attraction says that we overestimate the importance of looks.Numerous studies have shown that factors such as biochemical odors and vocal pitch are subconsciously matchmaking for us.Like intrusive friends trying to hook us up with the "great guy" at their job or church, our senses are trying to find us a worthy mate.They know we can depend too heavily on big blue eyes or chiseled chests, so they focus on searching for health and vitality, honesty and stability.

Outside The Box Dating is a Charlotte-based speed dating service aimed at getting people of different backgrounds to talk to each other.

It's based on the premise that love can sometimes be found where we least expect it.

The "visionless" event that I attended prescribed that everyone would wear blindfolds for the duration of mini-dates (but we would take them off for the mixer afterwards).

When one of our senses is diminished, our other senses pick up the slack.

That is why wearing a blindfold in the bedroom can heighten our hearing and our taste - making it easy for a partner to tease and tempt us.

Despite the blindfold, I still ran into regular speed-dating problems.