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wo weeks ago, travel bloggers from around the world began to congregate in Girona, Spain for the 2012 European TBEX conference.

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A city of just 100,000, it offered a much more relaxed atmosphere than if the conference were to have been held in nearby Barcelona.You were also more likely to bump into other bloggers on the street because the historic downtown area is so small.I hope Blogworld, the new owners of TBEX, take this approach for future conferences as well.The opening night party was held in a f’ing castle! It didn’t hurt that the event was catered by the #2 ranked restaurant in the world.I only wish I’d circulated a bit more to try the food.

I completely missed the ham room, and the desserts, both of which received rave reviews.Without trying, I began meeting PR people randomly, including reps for Austria, Germany, and Stockholm.Only one of these destinations had a speed dating table (Austria, which was a TBEX sponsor), showing me early on that one had to constantly be networking, and not rely on the organized speed dating alone.I’ve been following Peter Shankman for a few years on Twitter, having previously used the HARO service he started.CEO, angel investor, skydiver, and adventurer, his speech was heavy on the American pop-culture references, but it also included some practical advice I could relate to on my entrepreneurial journey.Whether you liked his talk or not, it was clear Blogworld’s involvement in TBEX meant higher profile speakers were involved then past conferences.