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If you've never dated a southern girl, you are absolutely missing out.While girls from all over the country are great, and make fantastic girlfriends -- there's just something about a girl raised in the south that will knock your socks off.You can search all over, but nothing will compare to a Carolina Lady, Cajun Queen, Alabama Belle, or a Georgia Peach.

Y'all just sit on down, have some tea, and learn what you've been missing.

Come home after a bad day, another woman might listen to you, maybe offer advice, or tell you it's going to be okay.

A southern girl will do all of that, and make fried chicken, scratch biscuits, and a sweet potato pie.

No matter what ails you, a southern girl's cooking is the cure. The first time you hear a southern girl say literally anything -- it's all over. She could be giving you her shopping list, and you're just going to want to sit and listen to that down home twang.

You hear a southern girl call you "shug", and you'll wonder what you were doing with anyone else in the first place.

You get a southern girl to stay indoors for more than a day, she's either sick or it's snowing.

And even if it's snowing, she's going to put on matching parka and knit cap.

They absolutely love getting outside and soaking up the sunshine, loving nature, and are never shy about finding a secluded spot down the road.

Through thick and thin, this girl will stay by your side and get your back.

You had better believe if someone does their man wrong, there's going to be hell to pay.

The only problem is don't ever, ever, ever cheat on them-- for the same reason.