Sophos updating credentials

If you choose an HTTP URL or a share that is not maintained by a managed Update Manager, Enterprise Console cannot check that the specified software subscription is available.

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If you are updating over an air gap please see Installing and configuring an air gap with Sophos Update Manager If you were using this page and the zip files to work out if your product(s) are up to date then we have an alternative method detailed here The file needed to check status is here: latest_Note that all products use the same security data and as such this information is valid across Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix products.

I have a been working on this for over a week in my spare time.

We have Sophos Enterprise for our Antivirus solution.

It is installed and working perfectly on all of our computers and servers except for one.

The endpoint that is having trouble is a small virtual server used to run Groupwise Messenger.

It is running Windows Server Standard 32 bit with SP2 installed.