So frustrated with online dating whos dating jessica alba

Still, you aren't ready to give up on the dream of finding your soulmate, so you soldier on, trudging through the masses, hoping that the next "wink" or "poke" will come from "the one."I've experienced the world of online dating firsthand.

When I was single and had just moved from Chicago back to Los Angeles, I carried on a long-distance relationship for a few months that eventually wound down.

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My aunt and cousin were both having fun meeting lots of nice guys online, so after much persuading, they talked me into trying it. I didn't have a full-time job yet, which was a good thing, because weeding through all of the guys who wrote to me was a daunting task.Nine-tenths didn’t even take my requests into consideration; if they liked my photo, that's all they needed to make contact.I wondered if they even bothered to read my profile at all!5 tips to get your groove back and make online dating work for you.According to Statistic Brain, there are 54 million singles in the United States, and 40 million of them have tried online dating.

It also states the percentage of female online dating users are 47.6% versus male users at 52.4%.

So the good news for the ladies is that there are more men online than women.

The bad news is that according to Statistic Brain, the percentage of sex offenders who use online dating sites is 10%, and an estimated 20-40% of men on dating sites are actually married, even if they state otherwise.

In addition to lying about marital status, there are other little fibs that singles are telling in hopes to land their dream date.

Men lie the most about their age, height or income, and women most lie about their weight, physical build, and age.

So with all of these depressing statistics to dodge, it's no surprise if you find yourself in an online dating rut or you're just burned out by the whole thing.