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A crucial requirement of keeping a bedfellow on the boil while you're apart is the ability to talk and type dirty.

Don't worry if you've never tried it before - the skill is easily learned.

Simply read erotic fiction until your own creative juices flow....

Unlike a text, a letter can become an erotic keepsake that can be stroked and smelt, so spray a fine mist of perfume on some luxurious paper, and let your pen unleash your fantasies.

Or set up new email addresses for yourself and your man then send your man his username and password and make sure there's a steamy email from your new address waiting for him when he logs on.

If you're lacking the erotic creativity Hoochy is a free internet service that allows you to compose customised erotic stories about yourself and your man.

If you're better use with your lips then your hands, you can of course have phone sex, if you're nervous about this, take on a different character.

Pretend to be a bored libidinous housewife and arrange for your man to call you while he's away, pretending to be a salesman. if you want to self-pleasure and have textual intercourse at the same time, write and save a series of sexy messages before you begin your 'sexchange'.

Tell him your 'husband' - who usually deals with such mundane matters - is away, but, as the caller has a very sexy voice, you could be persuaded to do just about anything... Each time he sends a sexy text, you won't have to interrupt your finger work to reply - you can simply fire off your pre-written notes.

For the more visual vixens play a picture phone game with your man.

Send him a close-up image of a particular naked body part; try to make the pics sexy but not instantly identifiable.

For every body part he guesses correctly say you'll credit him with another minute of his favourite foreplay on his return.

Buy the sexiest pair of knickers you can find, then post them to your partner with a note saying: "This is the outfit I'm going to wear for our reunion." Don't be surprised if he comes home earlier than planned.

And when he does arrive, before he leaves (sniff) secrete a series of sexy messages in his luggage.