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Five Fun Facts About Choi Si Won Choi Si Won generates plenty of charisma as the star of The Most" newsroom in the romantic comedy "She Was Pretty." He's not just an attractive second lead competing for Hwang Jung Eum, but his star reporter character offers Choi a chance to showcase his comedy skills.

K-pop fans may watch Choi's dramas and films because they love his group Super Junior and k-drama fans may want to check out that group because he's an entertaining actor. And the family owns the Hyundai Department store, which generates profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here are some facts about Choi that you may not know if you're not already a member of Super Junior's ELF official fan club. He was a real-life chaebol before he earned his own fortune. Choi Si Won earns a living as a member of Super Junior but also works as an actor and model.

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In May he was rumored to be dating Chinese model Liu Wen, who appeared with him on the Chinese version of the reality show "We Got Married." He was previously rumored to be dating SM trainee Stella Kim.And also actress Kim Yoon Suh, who he co-starred with in "Poseidon." Would he really date someone from another country?In an August 2015 interview with the Korean media outlet Naver TV, he said, "Do you have to share the same nationality to be in love? It's really not a big issue when it comes to love." 3.This year Choi Si Won went Hollywood and he loved it.He starred with an international cast in the film "Dragon Blade." It gave him a chance to work with Adrian Brody, John Cusack and his childhood hero Jackie Chan. We all grew up watching his movies," he said in an interview with the Korean media outlet The Star.

"I also got to work with these two awesome movie stars ...

I was really glad to work with them and had a good experience. " He described attending the LA premiere as a "fairy tale." 4.

It's not enough that he's rich, good looking and talented, but he rescued a puppy once.

When he was filming "To The Fore" in Taiwan, he noticed a small, lost puppy wandering around in the rain.

He caught her, dried her off with a towel and dropped her off at a vet's clinic.

He posted the dog's picture on social media, saying he met a new friend. Choi is one of the first four Korean artists to appear on a Chinese postage stamp.