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It's Valentine's Day weekend, and like many fans of television around this time, our thoughts have turned to shipping.

Wait, not sitting around and waiting for Amazon to send you 1,000 K-Cups for . That would be a weird way to spend a Valentine's Day.

We're talking about the relationships, or 'ships, we root for between characters on our favorite shows and then writing about it. But if you read this and thought, "I wonder if, after explaining it all, Clarissa grew up to marry Sam," well, now we're on the same page. After years of being conditioned to follow the ups and downs of the will-they-or-won't-theys of Sam & Diane, Ross & Rachel and Jim & Pam over so many seasons, Jess and Nick Amazon Primed their hook up so we got it on the second business season--six seasons before the norm.

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Perhaps this is the future of sitcoms, having come full circle from when we would read books in a single sitting and experience love and loss, life and death over the course of a couple of hours, minus the commercial breaks and the product placement. Do you enjoy watching the hard-knock adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, the handsomest demon-hunting brothers on TV?Maybe we're losing our attention spans for TV series and don't have the patience to wait around for something that could be canceled at an executive's whim. Would you like to search for say, a nice gif of one of Dean's facial expressions to add to your Tumblr? You might find yourself falling into one of those deep, dark pits in the Internet's subculture underbelly--because, apparently, "Wincest" is a thing. They fight ghosts, eat cheeseburgers, yell at each other, and occasionally slay things that they recently slept with. would end up ecstatically engaged and planning a wedding catered by a waffle place.Or maybe, we finally aren't going to put up with TV characters in a manner we wouldn't tolerate of our friends. So what about their relationship has aroused this phenomenon of people shipping the two of them getting it on? They went from instant enemies (Ben arrived on the scene to slash the Park's department budget) to kissing in front of The Knope-Wyatt Unity Quilt and becoming one of the most adored ships out there.Their affection for each other on the show never goes beyond brotherly, but you'd never know if from the amount of fanfic, fanart, and general frenzy out there every time one of them claps the other on the shoulder. Seriously -- all of America is personally invested in this romance.Despite this, we can only hope the producers will never allow their illicit love to actually blossom (not even in a dream sequence, alternate reality, or time travel episode, So, to recap: Don't google Wincest. And if so, we'd like to see what you make of this clip where they sacrifice ties with everyone else they care about to be together forever. Even those of us who are simultaneously rooting for Leslie and Joe Biden, or Ben and Calzones (yes, people are doing that).

But for a while there, they really had us going with the unsanctioned workplace romance - because if there's anyone who would screw up true love to keep a thankless job in low-level government administration, it's Ms. City Hall's no-dating policy had the couple (mostly unsuccessfully) sneaking around, and the tension only mounted when Leslie decided to run for office at the end of Season Three.

Eventually, they confessed to everything - but Ben had to resign his job in order to save Leslie's candidacy and get the city's stamp of approval.

, skeptical scientist Dana Scully was first introduced to believer and paranormalist Fox Mulder, and the stage was set for a compelling opposites-attract, will-they-or-won't-they dynamic.

Dedicated fans obsessed over every small, chemistry-laden interaction between the characters, searching for hints that they were on their way to sealing the deal and giving birth to the entire concept of shipping (according to this Wikipedia article): But it wasn't until more than six full seasons and a feature-length film later that the pair finally shared their first on-screen kiss, resulting in long years of pent-up frustration among ardent shippers: The road to ultimate coupledom was also a bumpy one, as the pair had to survive Scully's cancer, Mulder's alien abduction, the birth and subsequent adoption of their baby son, and a vast government conspiracy preparing the world for new extraterrestrial overlords.

Happily, the series ended on a note tailor-made for shippers, as the final closing moments show Mulder and Scully connecting at last over their previously conflicting ideas of hope and faith.

Unfortunately for her, she soon after discovered his secret identity as America's most prolific serial killer.