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ELSIT (Department of Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technologies) was formally established as a new department in the Graduate College of Education in Fall, 2012.

The department was formed out of two pre-existing departments: DAIS (Department of Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies) and ITEC (Department of Instructional Technologies).

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At the time of the founding of ELSIT, DAIS was already an interdisciplinary department, consisting of multiple programs dating back to the 1970s, and even earlier.ITEC was formed as a department in the early 1980s, and has long been on the cutting edge of technological and learning innovations in education.Concentration This program is designed for graduate students who wish to pursue advanced studies on adult learning and educational processes. in Education, Concentration and Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program (Tier I) The Educational Administration program is designed to help candidates acquire knowledge and skills that are essential for effective performance in leadership, supervisory or administrative positions.Welcome to the Department of Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technologies, or ELSIT.We are the newest department in the Graduate College of Education, yet we exist to address some of the oldest, most complex, and persistent challenges in education and society—power, inequality, leadership, technology, and learning.

ELSIT is a complex and highly interdisciplinary department with an array of exciting programs, faculty, and students, ranging from challenging graduate programs to community outreach programs for underserved populations that bring in high school students and community members for their first undergraduate experience. You will find a vibrant, stimulating community of intellectual inquiry and meaningful praxis focusing on issues of equity and social justice in education.Do not hesitate to contact us if you are ready for a thoughtful educational challenge. Cordially and with respect, Doris Flowers Professor and Chair, ELSIT Our ELSIT Administrative Office Coordinator (AOC) is Anarose Schelstrate.Anarose is the key point of contact to answer any logistical or administrative questions regarding admissions or advancement that may arise as you progress through the program.Anarose may be contacted as follows: Social Justice Leadership The department prepares professionals to critically examine inequities and work to eradicate them via practices that reduce gaps in achievement and opportunities to learn, and to enable all individuals to reach their full educational potential.Culture of Community The department builds a community of practice across faculty and students to prepare education professionals to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers.Students acquire interpersonal fluency and digital expertise required to engage in leadership as socially responsible practitioners and global citizens.