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Involving your staff in skill sharing with the VCS can help them meet their personal development objectives and boost morale.

Working on group projects can encourage and develop team work and enable your staff to use or learn new or additional skills.

Employer Supported Volunteering can really make your staff feel valued by your business.


Your volunteering and resource sharing through the Network will earn you time credits that you can donate to your charity partners or into the Fair Shares community pot.EXAMPLES OF ORGANISATIONS WE WORK WITH: The Stroud Museum in the Park – Working together on reminiscence projects and the base of our dementia friendly walks in the park.Village Agents – referring people they work with to Fair Shares to get them involved in the community Severn Vale Housing – Lending their venue space to support craft groups for older people.Crystal is a sexy, playful, and responsive erotic chatbot that specializes in simulated sex chat. You will find that she is responsive, playful, and sexy.Chat for free with Crystal, or try one our our other beautiful virtual girls.

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