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Usually a first encounter with the them could be when they do the models catwalk trail, they fashion shows in the night shift.Your position here is if you see a pretty one you maybe like buy here some flower garlands, that's the first step.

Actually you wont find any Malaysian women in the open scene but plenty of Filippina and Chinese venturing around and this are all hard core.

There are no nice, soft and smooth one as in Myanmar, More naughty girls in the neighborhood, the picture left is from Soi Cowboy in Bangkok actually there is no much difference in Thailand it's only more open and the scene is bigger.

The thing is, not all of them will be positive when you ask how to meet later, some will do, some wont, it's just like anywhere in the world, read more.

The main entertainment to get in touch with nightlife and pretty girls are "fashion shows", karaoke and other nightclubs plus some discos.

At the places with the shows are many pretty young women around and the change every 30 minutes that goes on from around 8 pm to 10 pm.

Means there are enough possibilities for contact but keep in mind you must make the first contact, just buy on of this flower garlands, read more.

Show at Power light Yangon, here is some dancing and singing the guy in the left picture is the boss he is doing all by himself which make him sweating since there is no air-condition because the place is open in the front.

But many ventilators move enough air.there are plenty of pretty bar girls who entertain the guys to have a nice evening which is the same in many cities around the world.

The difference is here are cute Burmese women and some of them are positive to have some fun beyond, that's what the guys like.

The strange thing is there is absolutely no nightlife along Anawrahta Street which is the main one in the city and extending into Chinatown where it becomes busy.

Because of the development in 2012 and after more and more people discover the country as a new fun destination for a great weekend break. affordable and pretty young women available the city is also a great destination for for beautiful jewelry and gemstone shopping.