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A very dry June has exasperated the water picture in the northeast corner of the state, and Modoc is no exception. That means for the water year to date (since September) only 9.59 inches of moisture has been measured.

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However for the past two years it has been 8.02 inches.

June turned warm for a few days, with the highest of 96 degrees on June 29, but it set no records, which was set at 102 degrees on June 9, 1960.

The low temperature was 34 degrees, off the record low of 29 degrees set June 6, 1988.

A Modoc County Jail inmate walked away from a work project Thursday morning and remains on the loose.

Modoc Undersheriff Mark Gentry said Wesley Box, age 23, was working adjacent to the jail where a new structure is being placed. Gentry said Box and another inmate worker had asked to wear jeans instead of the thin orange work uniforms.

Permission was granted to wear the regular type clothing because of the type of work they were doing.Sometime about a.m., said Gentry, Box told the other inmate and supervisor that he had to go to the restroom.He apparently did not return and at about noon law enforcement agencies were out in force trying to locate Box.He was not found on Thursday and his whereabouts remain a mystery.His picture and description have been placed in the computer system and Gentry said he's certain he'll be found relatively soon. He is from Medford, but spent some time here and has contacts in Modoc.The Modoc County Building Departments reports issuing 21 permits valued at 0,366 for June 2003. Included in the permits were eight homes, including a straw bale home, wood homes and manufactured homes.