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I did his operational captaincy check, when jump from co-pilot to captain, and he was given a very tough check and he more than rose to the occasion.

He would come on shift and do all the duties associated with going on shift.

He would live and work with his crew, go on rescues with his crew, eat with his crew. He is one of the family and we wanted as many of the family to come back today and say goodbye.

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Not only has the Force contributed to saving many lives, but the pioneering work of the RAF SAR Force...developed many of the life-saving techniques which are in use today by others around the world. William, who used to work as a pilot for the service, will catch up with his former colleagues as the couple attend the force disbandment parade.But it also marks a return to Anglesey, the place where Kate and Wills lived for three years before and after they were married, enjoying the seclusion of the Welsh countryside.When you live out in the middle of nowhere like I do there’s a limited number of Internet options available to you.The first and most common being dial up Internet which for all intents and purposes becomes practically useless when if you plan on using the web to stream anything at all. The speeds may be comparable to digital which is fine and dandy but again if you plan on using it to stream content like from Netflix, you’re going to have issues due to data caps.

The next and more expensive choice is satellite Internet. Comcast, Time Warner and other broadband providers may have their own data caps but they are rarely enforced.

Caps with satellite are almost always more strictly enforced by the provider which is absurd.

Data caps in 2015, almost 2016, is a ridiculous notion and only used to increase the prices and force consumer to bow to the provider’s demands.

American consumers should have better choices for the Internet providers.

He was not only up to doing it but he did more than that.

When he was serving with us he was a very good pilot.