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Always Be The One To End It If the conversation is going really well, keep her wanting more of you by ending it.

They convey to her that you’re a fun guy with a playful, light-hearted attitude.

If you use fancy ones or those really long ones that create a picture, that’s when you’re over doing it.

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Texting fills the time when you’re out of sight, and keeps you from becoming “out of mind.” Getting a girl’s phone number is only the first step in seducing her via text.

Your phone goes silent, and you can’t figure out what went wrong.

I know it’s frustrating as hell, and that’s why I wrote this post.

Here are some examples of first text messages that you can send to a girl: “I like that place we all were at at the end of the night.

” “I think that bartender was having a few too many himself.

” “My coffee only lasted me about an hour this time.Don’t bring up serious subjects or get into drama with your texts.If you write too much, it can make you look desperate.Keep these simple and relevant to what she’s been doing lately to keep the conversation going.Therefore, all of your texts should push to achieve a meet-up in some way.Don’t Be So Readily Available After you get a girl’s number, wait a little while before texting her.