Set up your own dating service

8) You will need to offer customer support 24/7 to your members.

9) You will not have any members initially so why would your visitors pay to join your site when there is no one on it to contact?

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"You will" be responsible for absolutely everything.

If you haven't thought about or budgeted for any of those then make no mistake Sounds harsh but if you think about it just on it's own number 9) is enough to kill your business stone dead before it's even started.

It doesn't matter how many visitors you can get they won't join if there are no members for them to see.

If you are seriously considering setting up an internet dating site by buying a ready made site or script, take a few minutes, grab a coffee and read this.

It could be the most important few minutes and could seriously impact the future of your online dating business.

OK then have you thought and planned for these 10 things? 2) You will have to buy hosting space to host the site.

3) You will need to make sure it's configured to work correctly.

4) You will have to set up a payment processor to collect your members payments.

5) You will have to handle any technical issues, outages, bugs, down time etc.

6) You will have to handle fraud chargebacks and abuse.

7) You will have to maintain the site and script with back ups and fixes.