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The runaway hit series is based off the popular novels written by Diana Gabaldon. Their relationship is ultimately tested and challenged throughout the whole of next several episodes. What’s harder to film – fight scenes or love scenes?

The first season covers the first book in the series of the same name.

When asked if she could separate the actors from their characters, Gabaldon responded, “Oh, well, Caitriona and Claire, I’ve always been able to keep fairly separate.

He (Sam Heughan) kind of flickers in and out for me.”For fans who actually haven’t read the series, what can they expect in the second half of Season One?

Honestly, it gets more and more intense and more and more dark. The sort of wonderful, romantic relationship we built up in Episode 7…

I’m very lucky I work with her, actually (he motions to Caitriona Balfe who is a few tables away.)You two seem to have very good camaraderie.

We want to not just show a lot of flesh, we want it to be sensual and intimate – that’s the challenge, I think.

Duncan Lacroix, who plays Murtagh, is a real character. We want to hear what he’s been up to now because he’s pretty crazy.

It’s a very busy schedule, but having said that the Highlander boys are so fun. Graham Mac Tavish, too, who plays Dougal, is just a wonderful character.

Would you say this the most challenging role of yours to date? We’re doing health advice and creating some sort of community on Twitter, Facebook and hopefully raise money for charity as well.

We’re posting workout videos, but they’re all scalable – so no matter what your level of fitness – you’ll be able to do it, you’ll just scale it up or down. If you sign up, you get a t-shirt and access to youtube videos. We’re trying to work with the charity about the ways we can encourage people just to be more active and get outdoors, to support each other.