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“He’s a guy that I’ve known for so long and I really care about him and appreciate what he’s done.” Now, the two stars are making their relaysh official.“We met at a restaurant with other friends a long time ago,” Prince Royce said during a recent interview.

People often forget I think but in the beginning of the books Alec is a center point of stability and Izzy and Jace are both kind of spinning off.He projected a gravitas that worked for Alec for me." Although he clearly didn't get the role of Jace, Cassie's intuition was right, because he is, in fact, the perfect Alec."About a week later I heard back from them asking me to audition for Raphael instead," he continued. ' I thought, 'Raphael’s part is even cooler.' Then I got invested in the show, and I discovered what it was about and just got deep into it.have been pretty upfront with their relationship statuses — just look at how freakin’ adorable Dom Sherwood & girlfriend Sarah Hyland and are together!But, while couples like Woodland might be totally comfortable with publicly proclaiming their relationship, others prefer to keep things far more private.

Emeraude Toubia recently became well-known for her role as Isabelle “Izzy” Lightwood on the Freeform television series, but the 27-year-old Latina beauty has been linked to a popular singer for .Fans have been speculating that Emeraude is dating Prince Royce and, after months of coy responses, the pair has finally confirmed what we already suspected to be true!Emeraude and Prince Royce have been spotted together for quite some time.They even attended the Latin Grammys together last year, PLUS she starred as Prince Royce’s love interest in his music video for “Culpa Al Corazon,” which was released earlier this year.In the past, Emeraude has danced around the subject of their relationship, but she also couldn’t stop herself from gushing about the 26-year-old crooner. He’s someone that fights for his dreams, and that keeps fighting,” she said during an interview.And even though she didn’t confirm her relationship at that time, she basically admitted that she adores Prince Royce.