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Update: It’s been a few weeks without an update to my blog. I played this game last year and really enjoyed it. Platform: PC Where to Buy: Geeky: Sweetie: Overall: 62/80 78% C+ “Good Game For Girls” Story: 10/10 Note: One really cool thing about this game is all the stuff it teaches you about Japan; there’s even a library where you can read about the different cultural terms that you encounter.

I’ve been very busy with work, including traveling out of state for work and I haven’t had time lately to write any new reviews. It explains many of the holidays, traditions, beliefs, and cultural issues in the game. It adds educational value to the game for younger players, or for anyone who wants to learn about Japan.

The story begins by showing that you have wasted your life and have amounted to nothing.

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She explains that you are being given a 2nd chance to make up for your mistakes in life.

She says you’re being sent back to highschool and must help the other students in order to escape your miserable fate.

Some of the students are deeply troubled while others are merely trying to follow their dreams.

But whatever they’re going through, they need your help.

The story is told through multiple play throughs where by you select a different student to help each time.

After helping all of the students, you will unlock Kasumi’s route.

If you try to get onto Kasumi’s route before completing the others, you will always reach a bad end – something I learned the hard way, and only discovered when I contacted the company for support.

Which is a shame because Kasumi is my favorite character 🙂 Most of the routes and characters are really refreshing, with both touching moments, and comedy thrown in as well. Gameplay: 8/10 The gameplay combines both visual novel and stat raising gameplay.

You attend highschool and as your stats increase, there are new events and opportunities to get closer to the other students.

You may find you fail at certain events in the beginning but are able to overcome them on subsequent playthroughs.

You can also consult the angel or call a student on the phone to get tips on what you should do next if you ever get stuck.