Scripterz rudating scripts

Well I have to say that I am a bit surprised that this site managed to stay online longer than m!They were once the biggest script site on the net for m IRC scripts and we are sad to see them go. Posted by: Martyr2 It has been awhile since I have posted anything.We plan on keeping this site online for years to come and be one of the remaining resources of old school m IRC scripting tech. That is because I have been hard at work launching a new site for all you programmers out there.

It is called "The Coders Lexicon" and is targeted to those of you who love to program. In other news, m IRC 7.29 was launched the other day and has some great new features that you may want to check out (if you haven't already).

I have updated the download link here and will get to updating the help docs shortly. Posted by: Martyr2 Back on March 7, 2011 there was a new version of m IRC released.

So I decided to go ahead and update several of the content links and remove the dead ones.

We still do accept scripts, so if you have any we will certainly do what we can to post them.

Thanks again for visiting us and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Posted by: Martyr2 It has been awhile since we updated the news on our page.I have noticed that the whole IRC scene lately has been a bit slow and hopefully things will pick up as we progress through the summer.If you have a summer project you have been working on, please feel free to share it on our site and we will post it when we get the opportunity. Posted by: Martyr2 Well we are in the new year and with a new year comes a new year worth of scripting projects.Many of you are surely hard at work with your latest creations or you may have moved on to some solid programming technologies. Posted by: Martyr2 As you can imagine, summer is upon us and most of the clan is unplugging more than usual to enjoy this strange thing called sunshine. Why does it make us feel good and our pale skin turn browner?Whatever you are up to, we hope you have a great year. Either way we have been slowly working on some upgrades for the site when we are in the house and things should be looking nicer. 2007 is going to be another year of changes and some severe upgrades.And if you are still writing those scripts, feel free to add them here and get some exposure. Feel free to continue sending your projects, we will definitely post them after we get sun burnt. We are looking at expanding our reach into other languages as well as beef up our m IRC archives to give you the best of the web.