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As an adult Eggert has turned up on a few different reality shows but overall the last few years have been pretty tough with the star filing for bankruptcy three times within one year.

According to the website it's a "family run business bringing a fun, unique and innovative twist to the ice cream man". locations and cluing people in via tweets as to where her next location will be.Eggert recently had an old fashioned truck restored and is using her Twitter account to drum up business. Do you think that it's wise for even a somewhat fading star like Eggert to post her location on social media, even in the name of business? On the flip side, it's really cool to see someone that was once a part of the Hollywood grind realize that their possibilities are a bit more limited now, choose to start a totally different business venture.He is the former sitcom star and legendary ladies man who finds himself in his mid-40s faced with two choices that scare the crap out of him: Either marry his longtime girlfriend Renee or stay a bachelor for life.Now, with the guidance of life-coach Doc Ali and his longtime entourage, Scott Baio has chosen to face his fears and figure out exactly why he's always had a problem with commitment.It's a soul-searching 8-week journey that will take him through mandatory celibacy, angry ex-girlfriends (including Erin Moran, Julie Mc Culloch, Nicole Eggert, Sheila Kennedy and The Morell Twins), creepy fans, banished friendships, mud wrestling, guilt, fear, apologies, strippers and more, all leading to the fateful decision and surprise revelation that will change his life forever.

Under the supervision of his personal life coach, Dr.Alison Arnold, Baio visits some of his old girlfriends over an eight-week period in an attempt to figure out why he can't commit to one woman. Arnold's plan includes Baio apologizing to the exes he hurt and advises him to not see his current girlfriend, Renee, during the eight-week period.The series also features Baio's three closest friends, including Johnny Venocur (aka "Johnny V") and Jason Hervey (who also created, writes, and produces the show with Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment's Eric Bischoff).The crew includes several writers, including Bischoff, who held key positions within the WCW (president; head writer; executive producer) and WWE (on-air talent; co-writer) professional wrestling companies.In the series finale, Baio comes to terms with his commitment issues and proposes to his long-time girlfriend, Renee. In an interview with William Shatner (featured on Shatner's Raw Nerve), Baio admitted that he and his wife were actually married in their backyard prior to taping it on the reality show. Born Scott Vincent James Baio on 22nd September, 1960 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States and educated at North Hollywood High School, he is famous for Chachi on Happy Days in a career that spans 1971–present.