Scorpio man scorpio woman dating tips dating sites over 30

Most of the Scorpio men are very intense, mysterious, sexy, deep and very brooding.They can be a little intimidating at times; but more than that, they are very intriguing. They are wild, profound, exciting and a little complicated.It is wonderful to date a Scorpio man; but like every coin has two sides, it is better to get to know what you would be in for if you are dating a Scorpio man.

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For Scorpio men, bold, sexy and confident women are very appealing; so if you want to catch his attention, make sure you are all of these three deadly combos.

Another thing about these wild Scorpio men is that they love mysterious women, so turn your charm on, look him in the eye and give a sweet, polite and very mysterious smile. Ask him out but leave him unexpectedly and very tactfully after an hour or so.

Consider him to be very special and treat him like one!

Show him that he is one in a million and you are glad that you have him in his life.

Most of the Scorpio men crave for this kind of attention and who knows? Another thing about Scorpio men is that they like their woman to have her head firmly placed on her shoulders – in short, they love strong, straight-forward and a little rational women.

Sentimental and overly romantic women are not appealing.

He can get easily hurt, so don’t be critical and sensitive of his weird ways when he is in a relationship.

Scorpio men are very touchy when it comes to trust. A Scorpio man expects his woman to be faithful, loyal, honest and very trust-worthy.

One lie is all it takes to break his trust; and unfortunately, he will never forget and will never forgive you for that.

Even worse, he might even try to trash your reputation or play some cruel jokes on you.

Watch what you say to him because playing with him can be dangerous.