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If you like someone who is in control all the time, then the Scorpio is your sign for sure.

Attracting a Scorpio’s Interest Strengthening Your Relationship Dealing with the Rougher Patches Community Q&A Scorpios are known to be very intense romantic partners full of paradoxes, which makes dating them both exciting and frustrating!

They love conquest but need to be lured into a chase.

If there's any astrological sign who requires preparation in order to date them, it's Scorpio! Do you gravitate towards them for some unexplained reason?Does the Scorpio man you are involved with cause confusion because of his odd behaviors, such as being passionate with you one minute and seemingly disconnected the next? So much passion, so much intensity and so much secrecy. They may have some control issues and maybe even be a little secretive but one thing you will never have to question is their love and desire for you.They draw you in like a super turbo charged magnet and hold you there until you can’t take much more. They are passionately and truly devoted to you, and your well being.

Their sexual charm is through the roof so if it’s hot steamy sex you want, you got the right sign. If you want to try anyway, expect intensity and fireworks. What other things should you know ab out these commanding type personalities and signs? They admire an upfront and down to earth person as that is who they are. Scorpios are not generally compatible with water or air signs so if this is you, dater beware.With every sign, we know there are some things we are either very compatible with or not at all. And they don’t forget about that time 15 years ago when so and so screwed them over. They hang on to that for dear life and make sure you know all about it so you don’t even try doing it to them. You certainly don’t need to be looking at their cell phone contacts. It may start out all hot and steamy and great in the beginning but things could turn sour quickly. They bring it to the foreground immediately in a gentle manipulative way because they want you to get it, understand it and know that it really pissed them off. They are actually driven and fueled by sex and passion. It’s high on their priority list when finding a suitable partner. They will find it somewhere else which leads me to number 3. As a matter of fact, their phone is probably locked so you can’t check anyway. Yes, you’ll hear that for the rest of your relationship. There is no maybe with a Scorpio which could be a good thing. If they say no, good luck trying to change their mind. If you aren’t up for changing your personality anytime soon, then walk away. They just don’t want you to know everything about their life and they will never tell you, no matter how long you have been dating for. Like so determined you might even think they are borderline crazy. They should have given up a long time ago but they persist. When they want something, look out and get out of their way. Well you won’t hear the end of it and they’ll try something else. If you blew it right from the get go, just walk away. They like to choose the restaurant, control the pace of the relationship, control just about everything actually. If you take that away from them or try to take over, you’re doomed. Even if you told a teeny little white lie and thought you could get away with it, they will find out and when they do it won’t be pretty.