Scam dating messages dating site banned philipines

Upon investigating even further we came to the conclusion after reading the terms and conditions that these women sending us these fake messages were in fact call "Virtual Cupids".

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This basically signifies that that profile connected to the the email message is completely fictitious and has been created by the dating site. You may notice when you are logged into the members area that you will receive chat messages from attractive looking local women. There is actually no one sending you a chat request, it is all done through computer software that enables the site to send out fake instant messages and make it appear as if local women are trying to contact you.As evidence we have included two different chat requests that we received (shown below).When we tried to reply back to the women sending us a chat request we were sent to the upgrade page.This site is associated with JDI Dating Ltd, a notorious dating network that runs sites such as Just which have scammed thousands of people.We created our membership to investigate this site. We created our account yesterday on Real Xxx and didn't do anything for about 15 hours.

When we came back this morning we had 5 email messages.Every single girl who sent us a message had a nude profile pic.This raise the red flag for us since we have done many reviews on dating sites that try to deceive and scam people.Upon further investigation it became very clear that these were in fact not real members of the site but were fake women.The emails were sent use bots, short for robots which is a term used when something is automated.This site uses robots to send out email messages that are 100% completely automated with no humans actually sending messages to you.