Safe dating slogans

The whole-hearted and enthusiastic support that employees have given this safety program has been very encouraging.

Certainly safety begins in the head, and safety-mindedness is akin to safe on-the-job performance.

There are still several weeks of opportunity to submit slogans in the safety slogan contest. Winners for this week and recipients of show tickets for each winning slogan were Ronald Backer with "You'll be safety-wiser wearing a goggle or visor." William Polzine with "A hazard reported and corrected is safety in action." Clair Jones with "Lean on safety, not a krutch".

Slogan winners for the week ending 14 February are Verner Clark, May Miller, Warner Sisley, Nina Belle Yoakum and Clair Jones. Clark - "Excess scrap is a safety trap." May Miller - "Horseplay is for horses; let's act human." Mr.

Sisley - "There's plenty of woe in a broken toe." Nina Yoakum - "Avoid the rush at the time clock and bus; be safe." Mr. As a part of the Fifth Army-wide safety program, awards were recently made under several categories for safe vehicle operation and safe supervision to many employees at Black Hills Ordnance Depot.

Jones - "Safety carries a lifetime guarantee." It is requested that the above-named winners pick up their theatre tickets at the Safety Office in the Security building, No. Listed below under heading pertinent to the type of award made are the employee recipients classified as to the working unit to which they belong.

Skaar, Safety Director, Silvia Gillies, Allan, Denison and Ronald Backer. Skaar, unable to resist the opportunity for a good plug for safety, is demonstrating proper methods of lifting. Chemical Branch - Clair Alspach and Raymond Goodroad. One employee had a steel sliver in his finger and the other a bruised thumb caught in a conveyor belt.

Persons pictured with Skaar were the first week winners of the Safety Slogan Contest. Mc Kinney, Elaine Reausaw, Allan Denison and Ronald Backer. Maintenance Branch - Pete Bonenberger, Melville Cox, Elmer Simpson, Robert V. If these rounds were placed end to end they would reach from Black Hills Ordnance Depot to San Francisco. Bailey said the original estimated cost of the clipping operation was set at .0064 cents per round and the actual cost is only .0051 cents.

Winners of this weeks Safety Slogan Contest and two movie tickets apiece were William R. This is the second week that Allan Denison and Ronald Backer have come up with winning slogans. Hansen, William Grubbs, Louis Pourier, Tim Hamaker, Delbert Harbaugh, Harold Worthley, Earl Larsen and Warner Mueller. Emanuel Schuler, a veteran BHOD employee, is foreman of the operation.

The slogans were: William Bishop's - "Good Conduct is a measure of Safety"; N. Mc Kinney's - Safety is the Best Bet"; Elaine Reausaw's - "Safety is Economy"; Allan Denison's - "Use the Right Tools for the Job You're On"; and Ronald Backer's - "Safety Shoe Protection is a Wise Investment".

These slogans will be coming up in the near future, watch for them.

You still have time to enter this contest yourself and share in the prizes.

You can enter as many times as you wish and all but those slogans selected are considered for award each time.

Be safety conscious and help others to become safety conscious too. To date there have been nearly 1,200 safety slogans submitted.