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Tunnel of love in Klevan, Ternopil region, Ukraine This beautiful tunnel appeared in Klevan by chance.…Details Possibly you have met a couple where a husband was a local male and the wife was from Russia.

Gender ratios affect marriage rates The American researchers Ryan Schacht and Karen Kramer have placed…Details Nothing is more loved by Russians than feasts with lots of meals, drinks, and entertainment.A Russian wedding is a perfect opportunity to gather friends and family and enjoy plenty of food and merriment.Gender breakdown in Russia is a serious problem the government has been trying to cope with for years.It’s not a surprise that women live longer than men.

However, in Russia, the gender gap is out of the ordinary.

The demographic situation in Russia has never been easy and it got even worse after the 20th century wars…

Details Russian population is shrinking rapidly and may fall to 138 million people by 2023 (although it’s supposed to grow to 146 million in 2016).

Today’s birth rates are satisfying but it is due to the baby-boom the country experienced in the 1980s.

In the 1990s the number of newborns decreased significantly, which formed a kind of a “demographic…

Details Tunnel of love is a romantic place located near the small Ukrainian city of Klevan. Locals say that pairs who marry here will be together forever and nothing can take them apart.