Rowupdating event in gridview not firing

Thanks to all you for answer, but the examples posted aren't my case. New Row(); dr1["fecha"] = ""; dr1["comentario"] = ""; Data Row dr2 = dt. As I said, I create the Grid View controls dinamically, I don't have asp tags with the Gidview control. New Row(); dr2["fecha"] = ""; dr2["comentario"] = ""; dt. In fact, the first thing I tried was this protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) { if (!

rowupdating event in gridview not firing-4

Bind Data(); } protected void GView_Row Canceling Edit(object sender, Grid View Cancel Edit Event Args e) { //Reset the edit index. Edit Index = -1; //Bind data to the Grid View control.

Edit Index = -1; //Bind data to the Grid View control. Data Bind(); }public void DT() { Data Table dt = new Data Table("control4"); Data Column dc1 = new Data Column("fecha"); Data Column dc2 = new Data Column("comentario"); dt.

New Row(); dr2["fecha"] = ""; dr2["comentario"] = ""; dt.

Please suggest if someone has faced this problem before.

I am more curious to know the same since this was working till yesterday and suddenly this stopped working.

And all the other events are still working perfectly fine.I have a web application that shows a controls group based on a result set from a database. I don't know how many controls do I have to create and I don't know what kind of control will it be. I know that the problem is that I create the controls in the Page_Load. Data Bind(); } protected void GView_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) { //Retrieve the table from the session object. What happens with this is that the source is being created every time the user submits the page. Data Table dt = (Data Table)Session["control4"]; //Update the values. This means that when the user does an update, the data from that update is lost. But I think I canĀ“t avoid to do this, because if I don't, the runtime created controls fade away.