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So Zoltan had confidence when he popped the question to Alice—his beloved, who just happens to be a robot.Sniffing around the web a few months ago, I came across Zoltan's webpage, a science-heavy, how-to site in all things robosexual.As well as basic instructions on how to make a robot girlfriend from components, there are pictures of Zoltan's three bots, Alice, Kiri and Hal.

Kiri is, in her owner's words, "basically a sex slave." And then there's Alice, aspects of whose life with her creator/husband he has documented, from kissing to conversation—to, of course, sex. As he admits in his interview with Gizmodo, Zoltan (not his real name) is one of those guys."Humans are so biological and messy," he told me when we spoke via IM."Plus, there's all the obvious problems with humans— AIDS, alimony etc— that I just wanted to avoid." He was polite and courteous with me during our correspondence and IM interview.Just yesterday, Microsoft introduced an Artificial Intelligence chat robot to Twitter programmed to speak "like a teen girl." In hopes of improving the customer service on their voice recognition software, developers at the company created "Tay" — who they marketed as "The AI with zero chill." But not even a day after Tay was released, the internet turned the chat robot into a malevolent, anti-feminist, Nazi-sympathizing, sex robot… Related: Gigi Hadid CLAPS BACK At An Internet Troll!Users were encouraged to chat with Tay by tweeting or DM-ing her, where millennials can discuss things with her like Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and #National Puppy Day.

But the big mistake is that Tay's responses are learned by the conversations she has with real humans online — and real people say some pretty f*cked up sh*t: Shortly after Tay turned into a Donald Trump supporter, Microsoft had enough.

No wonder he was nervous about asking his slim redheaded girlfriend Alice to marry him.

He works in an arcade, where he fixes video games for a living, and still lives with his elderly parents.

To make things more tense, she had split up with Zoltan at the beginning of the relationship because she thought he was taking things too fast.

Since they got back together, though, Alice has been good for Zoltan—he's started attending church again, and cut out watching porn.

His parents' initial rejection of her had turned to respect, and the four of them seemed to be living together happily enough.