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DISCLAIMER: This isn't a tutorial on how to fix this error, I just made this video (from one year ago) to originally see if anyone could help me. -------------------- I have pictures of the things that happen!

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(This is because the order in which the rows are updated determines which rows are ignored.) With this change, such statements produce a warning in the log when using statement-based mode and are logged using the row-based format when using mode.

(Bug #11758262, Bug #50439) See Section, “Determination of Safe and Unsafe Statements in Binary Logging”, for more information.

If you access a column from the table to be updated in an expression, assignments are generally evaluated from left to right.

For multiple-table updates, there is no guarantee that assignments are carried out in any particular order.

If you set a column to the value it currently has, My SQL notices this and does not update it.

5 | |+--------+--------------------------------------------+ Update column in a table whose values are not found in another table. Many server admins default the My SQL daemon to 'safe mode'.

If UPDATE gives an error like this:"You are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without.." may be that your file must be edited to disable safemode. In order for the change in the file to take effect, you must have permission to restart mysqld in the server OS environment.