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The Kerr metric is a generalization of the Schwarzschild metric, which was discovered by Karl Schwarzschild in 1915 and which describes the geometry of spacetime around an uncharged, spherically-symmetric, and non-rotating body.The corresponding solution for a charged, spherical, non-rotating body, the Reissner–Nordström metric, was discovered soon afterwards (1916–1918).However, the exact solution for an uncharged, rotating black-hole, the Kerr metric, remained unsolved until 1963, when it was discovered by Roy Kerr.where Q represents the body's electric charge and J represents its spin angular momentum.According to the Kerr metric, such rotating black-holes should exhibit frame dragging (also known as the Lense–Thirring effect), an unusual prediction of general relativity.Measurement of this frame dragging effect was a major goal of the Gravity Probe B experiment.