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Chris proposed by giving Kate an old fashioned, 5-carat Asscher-cut diamond in an art-deco setting. I was out with my girlfriends in New York having a great time and boom! He makes Kate smile and that's all a mom can wish for."Source: Hello Magazine Kate, about taking a year off from acting: "I was sort of questioning what I should do and I was so happy being with Chris, and we didn't want to leave each other.Kate's December 29, 2000, bachelorette party was held at Caribou's Whiskey Bar in Aspen, Colorado. The evening wedding of Kate and Chris was held at her parents' home in Aspen, Colorado with about 70 friends and family to celebrate with them. So my mom just said, ' Honey, please do yourself a favor and go be a wife for a year.' Those were her exact words, and she said, ' It will be the best thing that you ever do, because you can establish your relationship with your husband and when your lives do get really crazy, it won't happen right when you get married.Kate's wedding ring is white gold which matches the winter white theme of her wedding. Wedding Attire: Kate Hudson wore a 19th-century theme dress that was designed by Vera Wong. It'll happen when you've already established a marriage.' So that's what I did."Source: WENN News Kate, about life with Chris: "I cook, I knit. We hang out with each other."Source: Hello Magazine Kate, about relationships: "Relationships are so hard. I got one that keeps me on my toes.ā€¯Source: About Movies Kurt Russell, about Chris: "There's a guy who is irresistibly charming and real and he's funny. We differ on a lot of stuff but he's his own man.

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The ceremony was performed under a white tent by a Ute Indian shaman. Chris wore a hand-tailored charcoal gray sharkskin Brioni designed suit. Pa gave Mom a ring and basically vowed in front of all of us that he wasn't going anywhere.Kate and Chris' wedding reception was held at the Elk Mountain Lodge. That was important to us." [br[ Source: USA Weekend Kate, about Goldie and Kurt and play: "No matter what, through everything they play.Wedding guests were treated to filet mignon and salmon. They really play and they play really hard and they have a great time.By Sheri Stritof Actress Kate Hudson married musician Chris Robinson on New Year's Eve in 2000.After their wedding, Kate took a year off from her acting career to give their marriage a solid foundation.

Kate and Chris separated in August 2006 and divorced in October 2007.Here's information on their wedding, marriage, divorce, quotes, and more.10/25/2007: The Hudson/Robinson divorce was finalized in October 2007.11/17/2006: While Kate Hudson was in Australia working on a movie, Chris Robinson filed for divorce.7/14/06: Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson announced their separation.Born: Kate Garry Hudson: April 19, 1979 in Los Angeles, California.Christoper (Chris) Mark Robinson: December 20, 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia. Kate about maintaining a relationship with Chris, Summer 2007: "For both Chris and me, our main focus is, and was, Ryder. Therefore, I love Chris to pieces."Source: Kate, about Chris: "I knew the first week.Chris and Kate first met in May 2000 at a party in New York City. I remember one of the first things I said to him was, ' Tell me everything that you think I'm not going to like about you.' And he went on for about an hour and a half. So he was always really totally up front with all that."Source: About Movies Kate, about their whirlwind romance: "I was okay being alone. We were telling each other we loved each other by the fourth day. Source: Girls World Kate, about Chris and drugs: "And then we met & and we took a walk, and he had on this black suede jacket, and he put it over my shoulders, and he smelled the jacket, and it just smelled like his life.They quickly fell in love and were living together 4 days after they met. I wasn't somebody who always needed to be in a relationship. And he just hated it & he stopped doing, you know, hard drugs."Source: ABC Local Goldie Hawn, about Chris: "We love Chris. He has a similar free-spirit, love-of-life thing we all have.