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It is suggested that Andr Citron had been much impressed by the Green Line coach network after a visit to London, and saw that something similar could be established around Paris.Prior to this time the motor coach in France had been viewed principally as being of use for tourism and excursion purposes, catering for the holiday maker rather than being employed in point to point route for the benefit of the regular traveller.

The bus stop signs marked with the double chevron became a meeting point and the beige and brown buses accompanied the changing circumstances of their lives, at the mercy of events, be they daily or exceptional, be they happy or sad.It could be that Transports Citron acted quickly with good foresight before the pending law for co-ordination of transport which was intended to favour the railways and prevent bus operators from introducing additional routes thereafter.So Citron asked his concessionaires to start bus routes and they helped to finance their establishment in many provincial cities around the country.Andr Citron started the first series production of motor cars in 1919 by converting his former arms factory.Until then the car had been the prerogative of the wealthy and he intended to spread its use to other social classes.

He pioneered the modern concept of creating a sales and services network that complements the motor car.

Citron's mandate was characteristically demanding and characteristically simple: to produce an all-new design for a 10 HP car that would be better equipped, more robust and less costly to produce than any rival product at the time.

By 1931 he had also decided to create a bus company to offer ease of transport to a greater number of people.

Founded in October 1931 by the well known car manufacturing company during difficult economic times, Transports Citron was established as an interurban bus and coach operator.

Andr Citron also launched a taxicab company in Paris but that did not last long.

As well as providing a ready market for the parent company's passenger transport vehicles - and an opportunity to showcase them to others - the new enterprise set about developing both local and long distance services in several parts of France.